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Fall and Winter Plant Care Tips

How to Keep Your Plants Healthy Through Fall + Winter


We thought this blog post would be just about Winter Plant Care but plant care is really about people care. 

We love plants. They make us happy. And caring for plants has scientifically been proven to make us feel happier, more fulfilled, and healthier. 

Life can be stressful --so we just want to give you a gentle nudge to breathe, be around your plants, check-in with yourself, do one thing that makes you happy every day, and if you can, be with or contact people you care about to tell them you love them.


A D A P T I N G   T O   W I N T E R 

We talk a lot as a team about where we are going and how we make things work - one word that has come up a lot for us at Tierra Sol is adapt. We’ve had to adapt and change almost all aspects of both the business and our personal lives. Let me tell you, we could learn a thing or two about adapting from plants. 

As it’s getting colder we’re reminded to take a step back, look at what our plants need and how our plant care should change. One of the most important ways to do that is reducing water to your plants as soon as it is cold out. 


R E A S O N S   T O   S T O P   O R   R E D U C E   W A T E R 

Too much water can damage indoor plants when it is cold outside. Plants receive less sun in Winter and slow their growth during this period, requiring less water. This reduction in sunlight also results in slower evaporation of water. So regular watering of plants may result in over-watering especially when that water sits in the soil longer than usual.

H O U S E P L A N T S   I N   W I N T E R   

For houseplants, we suggest reducing water by half or more. Watch for signs of overwatering (like yellow leaves). Also be sure to watch your plants closely for signs of thirst. For instance, some plants will become limp if they need water. If you think that your plant needs more water, be careful not to overcompensate and give it too much.

C A C T I   +   S U C C U L E N T S   I N   W I N T E R   

For cacti and other succulents, we recommend holding off on water until it gets warmer. If this seems like too difficult a task for you as a loving plant parent, try to water with a quarter of the water you would normally use.

O T H E R   W I N T E R   P L A N T   C A R E   T I P S

The environments in homes can vary greatly depending on location, season, the position of plants near heat sources, cold drafty windows, sunny spots, etc. We suggest getting to know your plant and finding what works best for them in your space! No matter your location these are some of the top things to do for your plants in fall + winter: 

  • Clean windows to allow maximum light transmission
  • Wash dust off plants so leaves can make maximum use of available light
  • Avoid placing plants near cold drafts or heat sources
  • Keep plants away from exterior windows
  • In cold regions, if windows frost overnight, move plants away from windows at dusk. You can also slip a heavy shade or other insulating material between plants and glass.


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