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Durham, NC

Durham, NC


OFFICE M-f 10-5pm

The Tierra Sol Team in the Warehouse taking a Selfie



We’ve had a lot of changes over the past few months and wanted to introduce some new faces, and re-introduce some old ones!


A N D R E A 

Andrea is the newest member of our team and helps build every order that we receive. From wrapping and organizing orders to being our first line of defense when it comes to plant care (she re-pots every plant we get after a plant run), she does it all while bringing a positive energy and  taking care of our littlest member of the team, Naomi.

Q: What is something you wish you’d known when starting your plant journey?

A: I wish I had known how forgiving plants can be. We make a lot of mistakes and when you see something that looks like it is on it’s way out, we have a tendency to write off the plant when it’s really an easy solution. A little bit of care goes a long way when you have a plant that isn’t looking good. I’ve lost a couple plants from not acting sooner.


A N N S L E Y 

 Annsley worked at Tierra Sol part time back in 2018 but is back full time as our Studio Operations Manager. She makes sure the studio is running efficiently and puts together every order we receive, making sure the plants and pots are high quality and look good together. After a couple of months on the team she helped develop and design our new website and she’s been helping Seana out on the business and marketing side of things - planning content and even writing some of the latest blog posts too!

Q: How many plants is too many plants?

A: The limit does not exist! The biggest thing here is making sure you start off slow - don’t go buying a bunch of plants when you have no experience. Start off small, grow your knowledge (and your plants!) and expand your collection as your confidence grows!




Yair is basically the reason this place keeps on running. He’s the master of the kiln and is in charge of all the larger pots. If there is anything that needs to be done, he’s your guy. He’s always building something to make things run smoother, fix whatever needs fixing, and take care of all of our plants in the greenhouse.

Fun Fact! Yair's first name is Fernando and we named one of our most popular minis after him!



Seana is our fearless leader and at some point in the past 6 years has done every single job within Tierra Sol. In the beginning that meant everything from making the pots and growing the plants, to working markets, building our social platforms and running our Etsy shop and website. Lately, her main focus is everything business and marketing related and she makes every single mini pot that we send out. Seana is always pushing Tierra Sol forward creatively and works tirelessly every day to make us the best we can be.


O L I V E R   A N D   N A O M I

Oliver and Naomi are the tiniest members of our team and are always here to keep up morale by running around saying “HI!” to everyone (Naomi) and offering to help match mini plants and planters (Oliver).