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Durham, NC

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Black Star Sansevieria Hahnii Plant + Handmade Ceramic Planter


Snake plants are perfect for someone who has lots of dark space in their home and or is always forgetful with their plants.

Sansevierias are the most common plants in windowless basement university libraries because they don’t need natural light and too much natural or artificlal light can burn them!

So, if you have a windowless office space or a dark spot in your house this plant is perfect!

We water our snake plants once every 3 months when it is hot and zero water when it is cold! So it is perfect for people who travel a lot or forget to water their plants!

This is a small snake plant Hahnii variety which means it will stay small and short so it will not need to be repotted and will be able to remain in its planter and will only need a soil refresh every 1-2 years.


  • 1 Large, high quality, super hardy, and low maintenance Snakeplant that we grew in our greenhouse
  • 1 hand thrown ceramic planter that we made by hand to hold the right amount of water and keep the plant small like a bonsai
  • Hand mixed cactus and succulent soil made for proper drainage and oxygen to roots
  • Our signature white sand that slow releases water to the root of the plants 
  • Easy care instructions for watering once every three months!


  • Approximately 4 x 6 inches for the plant and planter
  • Size varies slightly due to the handmade and natural qualities of the planter and plant.

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