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Marcelo Cactus + Handmade Ceramic Planter


Our Marcelo Cactus + Handmade Ceramic Planter is as easy as it gets when it comes to plant care - with specific plant care instructions and only needing water once a month, these are some of our favorite, hardiest plants we hand grow in our very own greenhouses.

 I N C L U D E S

  • 1 Large, high quality, super hardy, and low maintenance cactus named Marcelo that we grew in our greenhouse
  • 1 Large ceramic planter that we made by hand to hold the right amount of water and to keep the plant from outgrowing its pot.
  • Hand mixed cactus + succulent soil made for proper drainage and oxygen to roots
  • Our signature white sand that slow releases water to the root of the plants (**Terra-Cotta Planters do not include sand)
  • Easy care instructions for 1x a month watering!


Marcelo is such a sweetheart. He loves wildflowers and has a bud vase collection. He also loves wrestling, specifically anything 90's featuring Muscle Man Randy Savage.


  • Approximately 6x4 inches for the plant and planter
  • Size varies slightly due to the handmade and natural qualities of the planter and plant.

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