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Durham, NC


Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

We grow our own plants in greenhouses that we designed to acclimate our plants to indoor light!

We make all of our own planters for the specific needs of each plant type.

Our cactus planters are completely different from our houseplant planters. Our planters are absorbent so that any extra water may evaporate and so that oxygen can reach roots.

Thanks so much for asking! Learn more about us and our values here .

Ordering + Shipping

During checkout, you can select your shipping speed.

If you are in a rush, we offer a rush shipping add on that will allow for your package to be shipped within 24 hours, on business days, so that it is out the door in one day rather than 3-5 days. The Rush Order does not have anything to do with shipping times, it only means that it skips the line and is packaged first. You may then decide to add your shipping speed at checkout. 


*If the listing is unavailable, it means that we are unable to rush orders at this time. 

We do! 


At checkout, select the "pickup" option for shipping.


Local pickups come as a kit. If you need us to put it together for you, please let us know. 


Our local pick up is available on Wednesdays between 10:00am - 4:00pm. If you need to do a different time, please reach out to


Your order will be left outside of our warehouse door at 607 Ellis Road 49B-12.

When you get to the address, we are in the first building on the left, Building #49. You can park in the first lot on the left or pull up to the loading dock. When you go down the hallway, our door is the third door on the right. You'll see our sign and your order outside of our door. 

All of our items are shipped disassembled and are gift ready and wrapped beautifully in eco-friendly paper.

We are always happy to delay shipping for a later date so that you receive it just in time!

Just leave us a message in the notes section of your cart with the date you would like to receive the item and we will do our best to send it so it arrives before that date but close to it.

All of our planters are made specifically for each plant that we grow.

If we are unable to hand make the best planter for the plant or a large enough planter for the plant then we will list the plant by itself.

Any plants sold without a planter are listed that way.


Any of our large plants are available in any of the colors we have listed. 

We have white or terracotta and pink available for every other size. We sometimes have other colors available in other sizes and the same sized plant can be exchanged. 

We ship most orders within 2-7 days but have a rush order option too! 

You can choose the shipping speed at checkout.

If you would like to delay shipping - please leave a message in the notes section with the date you would like to receive the item and we will do our best to send it so it arrives before that date but close to it.

Everything is shipped disassembled to protect the plants and planter!

We include fun and easy assembly and care instructions for each plant and we guarantee that everything arrives healthy and unbroken.

We recommend opening your box as soon as you receive it. 

We ask that any plant issues be reported with photos within 3 days of receiving the package.

Houseplants need to be unpacked immediately but most cacti and succulents can usually stay in their box for up to 7 days or so if you plan on giving them as a gift and want to hide them.

We are also happy to delay shipping for a later date so that you receive it just in time!

If your package has not arrived, you can check the tracking in your receipt to see where it is. Covid has made shipping harder on USPS so it may take a bit longer than expected. Our plants are very hardy and we guarantee they arrive healthy. We ask that any plant issues be reported with photos within 3 days of receiving the package. 

If your order says “delivered” but you have not received it, you will need to contact your local post office asap. They will need you to file a report and answer specific questions for them. It is usually the case that it was delivered to the wrong house and a neighbor will return it in a couple of days, but your post person may be able to remember what they did with it and help!

With Priority USPS shipping, your packages are insured from being lost or damaged. USPS will have you fill out a report to refund your order and shipping.

During colder months we suggest adding a heat pack to your order if the package will go through 40 degree weather or below. We suggest this to protect your plants - most of our plants are used to warmer climates so we want to keep them happy as they travel to you!

This heat pack is automatically added to your cart during colder months.

If the heat pack is removed from your order, the plant is not guaranteed to arrive in good condition.

Plant Care

Our planters do not have a drainage hole because they are made for the exact needs of the plant. 

Our planters have a specific and tested ratio of our soil mix to planter and specific water amount so that they hold the exact amount of water they need and release any extra through the wall of the planter.

Each of our plant kits come with the plant, planter, soil, sand and instructions made and tested for the needs of each plant.

We send out collectible plant care cards with specific water suggestions depending on the size and type of the plant.

Most of our cacti and succulents are watered once per month or less in Winter and most of our houseplants are watered weekly. 

Each planter comes with fun and easy step by step instructions for planting on our collectible plant care cards! 

If you are a more visual learner, check out our assembly videos here

We design our planters to keep plants from needing to be repotted into new planters.

Plants may grow a little larger, wider, or may need to be trimmed to be kept in the same planter or they can be transferred to another planter if you prefer. 

We hand-mix soil that is specifically made for the needs of each plant. 

We have two soil types 1. cactus+ succulent soil and 2. houseplant + tropicals soil.

We do not recommend fertilizers for plants as we prefer organic methods and replicating the natural environments of each plant. 

To keep soils from getting compacted and depleted of nutrients we recommend changing the soil of the plant once per year during warm weather months. 

Read more about refreshing the soil of your plant on our blog How to Keep your Plants Happy: Yearly Soil Refresh.

Our plants are set up to best replicate their natural environments so that they are able to live a long happy life. Cacti can live for hundreds of years.

That being said all plants can die and sometimes randomly die. Loving plants is really about trying your best and being okay with loss at times. 

We purposefully grow plants that are not extremely pokey. Many of our cacti have spines of course, but we try not to have many cacti where sharp spines will end up in your hand when touched.

Most of our minis can be handled without getting poked at all since their spines point inwards.

Opuntias, like Olivia , have tiny hairs that can irritate the skin. Cacti like Azul have longer sharp spines but they do not tend to come off. If they are painful plants we avoid them. 

Find our Kid Friendly plants here and our Pet Friendly plants here

All cacti and succulents are able to bloom. Blooms are more rare on houseplants and on paddled cacti.

Our frequently blooming plants are pictured with blooms on in the first photo of the shop listing and other plants are photographed with blooms when available in listings. 

If your plant is knocked over it is better to retrieve as much soil as possible without mixing in the sand. Including the white sand will make the soil drain even faster and will make it harder for the plant to get the water it needs. If the sand and soil is mixed together, the plant may require extra water. We have replacement soil and sand in the shop by planter size or larger bags available. 

Not necessarily, extra water may result in overwatering.

You can read more in our blog post about What Your Plant is Trying to Tell You.

Most of our plants should be in bright indirect light. Check out our blog post What Your Plants Are Trying to Tell You for signs of dehydration.

Our signature white sand is really special. It slow releases water to the roots of the plants. We tested every type of sand we could find before choosing this one. 

During testing in our plant lab, we found that other sands hold water and do not allow for the water to be released to the roots. Our sand slow releases the water to roots and prevents pests from moving into the soil of your plant. 

No. Please. Never. We love our plants and work hard to make sure they live. We also want you to have your plant for a long long time! :)