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Durham, NC

Durham, NC



We used to be plant killers too! 

We've been there - we (Seana + Yair) used to not be able to keep any plants alive and decided to do whatever research and testing it took to figure it out. 

Turns out, most plants are sold in a way that sets us up for failure - bad soil, wrong planters and incorrect plant tips. 

We knew that plants improve focus and are scientifically proven to make us happy so instead of resigning ourselves to being plant killers for life, we spent years developing our own plant science and have made it our mission to help other plant killers who are plant lovers. 

At Tierra Sol Studio, we design and grow hardy hand grown plants, make hand formed ceramics for the needs of each plant, hand mixed soils, signature sand that slow releases water to the roots of the plants, and easy to follow plant care instructions for each plant—for plant killers who are plant lovers.

We use only the highest quality and lowest maintenance plants. We grow all of our plants in our greenhouses designed to acclimate plants to indoor light conditions. Yair and I craft each ceramic piece with our own hands through hand building or wheel throwing. We fire each planter using an unconventional method to make pots that are absorbent like terra cotta and best fit the needs of each plant. 

Over the past 6 years we've seen countless plant killers who are plant lovers turn into just plain old plant lovers and have been able to expand and grow into a team and we couldn’t do it all without our Operations Manager and shipper, Annsley, and our shipping assistant, Andrea, (plus two little kiddos, Oliver and Naiomi). Every single order passes through each of our hands at least twice before it gets to you and we make sure to put all the love and detail into each plant kit before it reaches you. 

Thanks for being here! If you have any questions about which plants are right for your space, just send us a message! 

Now you too can have an Instagram page dedicated to your plant hoarding! You know you want to…


Seana + Yair