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Durham, NC

Durham, NC


OFFICE M-f 10-5pm


We are so happy you found us! We were plant killers too! 

At Tierra Sol Studio, we design and make hand formed ceramics for the needs of each plant, hardy hand grown plants, and hand mixed soils—for plant killers who are plant lovers.

We want your plants to live forever and we spent years making that possible. We (Seana + Yair) started Tierra Sol Studio because we couldn’t keep plants alive. 

Plants improve focus and are scientifically proven to make us happy, but we couldn’t grow any in our small dark apartment while I (Seana) was in graduate school. I began to study plants and their needs with the same dedication as my graduate research. We began to find the hardiest plants, conduct experiments, and would track which plants survived me being away for many months during fieldwork. I had made pottery since I was a kid and spent time working out how to create the best environment for each plant type.  

We use only the highest quality and lowest maintenance plants. We grow all of our plants in our greenhouses. Yair and I craft each ceramic piece with our own hands though hand building or wheel throwing. We fire each planter using an unconventional method to make pots that are absorbent like terra cotta and best fit the needs of each plant. 

If you have any questions about which plants are right for your space, just send us a message! 

Now you too can have an Instagram page dedicated to your plant hoarding! You know you want to…

xo, Seana + Yair


We want our workplace to reflect the world that we want to live in even if that world does not exist outside of our doors. 

We actively strive to make our company a place where team members:
  • Are welcomed, respected, supported, and asked to participate and to lead.
  • Are able to share knowledge, skills, connections, and opportunities that other team members may have not been given or have access to. 
  • Feel safe and valued no matter their race, ethnicity, immigration or citizenship status, the language(s) they speak or don't, their class, gender, sexuality, or ability. 
  • Are valued no matter their position, time in the company, or previous experience.

We actively strive to make our company a place where we:
  • Pay a living wage.
  • Value the lives of employees outside of work and respect boundaries and time away from work.
  • Are transparent and honest with employees about the business and decisions that we make.
  • Continuously recognize the ways in which white supremacist values are embedded into work culture, and within the culture outside of work, and actively work to dismantle those values in our space and further decolonize our workplace.
  • To provide regular anti-racist education by DEI professionals for ourselves and our team.
  • To enact company policies that allow for all employees to avoid any kind of mental distress such as microaggressions, harassment, or any form of discomfort, and to address complaints of any kind with people who have the skills to address these issues.
  • Demonstrate the value of mental health through company policies that allow for work to happen only during work hours and for all employees to avoid any kind of mental distress via customer service. Our company will strive to be a safe space where people treat each other with respect. No employee will be required to address aggressive behavior from any customer or potential customer. 
  • Seek diverse perspectives, cultures, and abilities and actively hire BIPOC and people with different abilities. 
  • Work towards equity by providing the resources and tools needed to have an equitable workplace over an equal workplace, where everyone has what they need to thrive.
  • Create an inclusive environment that ensures people with different identities are able to lead and succeed in self determined and genuine ways.
  • Promote growth and professional development.
  • Build community with other small businesses that share these values, especially BIPOC owned businesses in order to provide support,  share information, and create more equity in shared business knowledge. 
Find our plants and botanic designs here: