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Easy DIY Leaf Cleaning Recipe and Routine for Healthy and Thriving Houseplants
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Easy DIY Leaf Cleaning Recipe and Routine for Healthy and Thriving Houseplants

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Keeping the leaves of your houseplants clean is essential for the health of your plant–so they can breathe and get enough light. 

It is really important to us to always make plant care as easy as possible–that is the whole reason we send our plants out as tested kits with everything they need to thrive–and so we want to share our go-to, easy DIY, non-toxic, and low maintenance way to dust your plants!  

Here is our exact routine:

1. Use dusting gloves!

We know that dusting your plants can be tricky with big rags that can make it hard to see where you are wiping and can snap delicate leaves.

In our unbiased plant tool reviews, we discovered a game-changer for leaf cleaning—dusting gloves! We absolutely love using them, especially when damp. 

These gloves are much more efficient than a regular rag and provide a gentle touch, ensuring that your delicate plants remain unharmed during the cleaning process. 

It is an inexpensive way to make a big difference! 

And we always suggest switching rags in between plants to prevent the transfer of any potential issues or pests–so you may want to grab enough gloves to have one glove per plant, if possible. 

Or if you have many plants, rotate different plants to be dusted each week so that your plants are getting dusted at least once per month.

To order the gloves, you can search on Amazon or the internet for “micro-fiber dusting gloves” and they sometimes have anywhere from two to six pairs for around $6-$10.


2. Mix this DIY and chemical-free leaf cleaner!

 We want the best for the health of you and your plants and we have seen all the chemical filled leaf cleaners being pushed your way.

To take your leaf cleaning routine up a notch, we recommend trying our DIY non-chemical leaf cleaner recipe. It's a simple yet effective solution that will leave your plant's leaves looking vibrant and healthy. 

Here's is our recipe:

  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • Optional: Add 1 drop of dish soap if you're dealing with tough sediment or water spots on your leaves.

This gentle mixture of warm water and white vinegar acts as a natural cleanser, removing dust and even water spots and mineral deposits from your plant's leaves. If you encounter stubborn dirt or spots, adding a drop of dish soap to the mix can provide that extra cleaning power.

I personally dip the tips of my dusting gloves into this solution and then gently wipe the leaves one at a time.

Save this leaf cleaning recipe for when it's time to give your beloved plants some extra care and attention. This routine should really help make cleaning the leaves of your plants a much easier task so you can have happier thriving plants with less effort. 

xo, Seana