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How to avoid plant care myths and *really* know what your plants need!
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How to avoid plant care myths and *really* know what your plants need!

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The other day one of my best friends, Anthony, was asking me questions about a plant that he bought at a home improvement store. Most of the leaves had fallen off. He told me that he downloaded a plant care app that told him the plant has “leaf rot” and that he should hold off watering or water it more… You should have seen my face. Leaf rot is not a diagnosis. And you do not need an app to tell you the leaves are falling. I won't even get into how unhelpful it is to say “do not water or water more.” I asked him to send me a picture and the leaves were yellow which means it was overwatered. Then I asked him to please delete the app. 

We hear people say they are plant killers all the time, and it is normal to lose a few plants, since they are living things, but we believe that most plant killers are, unknowingly, set up to fail from the type of plants, planters, and soil + sand provided. Your ability to properly take care of your plants might have been out of your hands from the start.

If all of the above didn’t get you, then plant care instructions, advice, plant myths, and misinformation can easily steer you wrong. (Read our blog: 15 Ways Plant Lovers are Set Up to Fail). We see people ask for and give instructions on plant care all the time, but honestly you cannot really give plant care advice without knowing:

  • Which kind of plant it is
  • What kind of planter it is in (e.g. sealed glazed, plastic, growers cup, terracotta)
  • What kind of soil your plant is in(e.g. what kind of materials are in the soil)
  • The soil to plant ratio (e.g. Is the plant in a planter that leaves little space for soil - so it will hold less water or is it in a planter that is too big for the plant - where there is lots of soil that will hold too much water?) 

We are able to give specific watering amounts and frequency instructions because we grow hardy plants that we test in our planter, made for the specific needs of that particular plant, with soil we mix for each plant type. And since we match each of our plants and planters, we know that they are in the right sized planter so they hold the proper amount of soil and water for the plant.

Most of the time no one wants to, or can, give clear instructions and, sometimes when they do share the directions, they can be incorrect. 

I am a part of some plant care groups on Facebook and the advice is all over the place with everyone suggesting completely opposite remedies. Countless times people come to us saying they killed all their succulents and when I tell them they cannot spray succulents with plant misters, they get upset because they were told to buy a fancy brass mister to spray their succulents weekly. 

There is just so much information and misinformation that it is hard to know who actually knows what they are talking about. 



  • Every single one of our plant kits comes with easy to understand, easy to follow instructions for specific amounts of water and a specific schedule that we tested for at least one year.
  • Our instructions come from years of research and experimentation in different indoor environments to replicate what it would be like for our plants to live in your home.
  • Our help goes beyond individual plant care instructions - our blog breaks down everything you need to know when it comes to plant care


It is important to do some research before you buy plants to see if a plant is right for you but if you do not have the time and energy for that and you just want to enjoy your plants, we are all about the research and took care of as much as possible to make it easier for you. 

We hope this makes you feel better about your plant losses in the past. Plants can be so extremely easy when they are set up the right way. And it doesn't hurt to get the hardiest ones too. That’s why we created Tierra Sol Studio and are committed to bringing you the hardiest plants, healthiest soil, highest quality planters and easy to follow instructions that were tested for 1+ year before being released, and helping with any plant support questions. After all, we grow all of our babies in our greenhouses, some for so many years, and we want them to thrive as much as we want you to be successful! 

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xo, Seana