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Our floral arches: Top favorite unique + personal wedding gift
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Our floral arches: Top favorite unique + personal wedding gift

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When it comes to weddings, and unique and personal wedding gifts, I wanted to turn it over to our manager Annsley. She is a pro at all things weddings and I’ve lost count of how many weddings she has been to and been in. So I handed this one off to her since she knows all about the perfect gifts for brides and bridesmaids to be:

I’ve been in 8 weddings.

I’m sure to some of you that sounds like a lot. And to others of you it sounds like nothing.

Either way, I love it. I love love and I love celebrating love. 

Besides the dancing and the reception, one of my favorite parts about celebrating my friends is finding the perfect gift for them.

I know people get worked up about not buying off the registry but hear me out here… 

buy off the registry for the wedding.

BUT if you’re looking for a more thoughtful gift? 

Go personal, go specific, go unique. 

Floral Arches    Unicorn Floral Arch

I’m always on the hunt for that - personal, specific, unique - and when we started making these floral arches at Tierra Sol Studio I couldn’t wait to start giving them to friends. 

These days, I love gifting floral arches because: 

  • It’s a simple way to help the couple preserve and have a keepsake of their special day - whether it be a bouquet or boutonniere
  • Flowers can be a super expensive part of a wedding! It can be a bummer how quickly they wilt so why not keep the happy wedding energy around longer?
  • My friends who are into DIY projects love drying the flowers themselves
  • And for the friends who are too busy for projects? Their florist will do it for them!

Before these floral arch displays came to be, I had several friends just not know what to do with their flowers so they didn’t do anything - I’ve got the perfect solution now.

These floral arch displays kind of feel like my little secret but I’m happy to bring you in on it :)

I know I’ve gone on and on about how these are great specifically for people getting married, but let's be real, they are a fun gift for any friend who would want a fun way to display sentimental flowers! 

Send us some pictures of your bouquet and boutonniere! 



P.S. If you're the one looking for a gift for your wedding party, parents, or important people in your life, the smaller floral arches with some of your wedding florals make a great keepsake gift!