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Candace Mini Cactus + Ceramic Planter


Our Candace Mini Cactus and Ceramic Planter is as easy as it gets when it comes to plant care - with specific plant care instructions and only needing water once a month, these are some of our favorite, hardiest plants we hand grow in our very own greenhouses.


  • 1 high quality, super hardy, and low maintenance mini cactus named Candace that we grew in our greenhouse
  • 1 mini ceramic planter that we made by hand to hold the right amount of water and keep the plant small like a bonsai
  • Our signature white sand that slow releases water to the root of the plants
  • And Easy care instructions for 1x a month watering!


Candace is small but brightens up any space! She loves manatees, dangling pufferfish with googly eyes and straw hats, and those shirts that have bikinis painted on them. But her favorite thing to talk about EVER is......Sponge Divers. Candace swoons over every sponger she sees. What's not to love about a big brass helmet? She will keep all your other plants entertained with all her stories of her hometown.

S I Z E 

  • Approximately .75 to 1.5 inch or smaller for the plant and planter, depending on plant availability If you would like the largest or smallest available - tell us in the note section during checkout.
  • Size varies slightly due to the handmade and natural qualities of the planter and plant.

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