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Surprise Plant Cuttings from our Greenhouse


These plant cuttings from our greenhouse will quickly root at home, are great to display in your propagation vessel and will turn your house into an Instagram worth plant hoarder's paradise! These super hardy and low maintenance houseplants come from our own personal collections. 

    I N C L U D E S

    • 3 surprise plant cuttings from our own personal collections

    **These cuttings are not rooted, they are intended for propagation**

    These plant clippings propagate extremely well in our Plant Propagation Vessels

    During colder months we suggest adding a heat pack to your order if the package will go through 40 degree weather or below. This heat pack is automatically added to your cart during colder months. If the heat pack is removed from your order, the plant is not guaranteed to arrive in good condition.

    S I Z E 

    • Approximately 3-6 inches and will fit in a tube with an opening of 3/4 inch. 

    C A R E

    • Each item comes with easy to follow care instructions

      h a n d g r o w n   p l a n t s 

      • We grow our own plants and test them in our planters indoors along with years of research and experimentation to create the most low maintenance and healthiest plants and make sure they will last.

      S H I P P I N G 

      • The items are shipped disassembled but come with fun and easy instructions and are gift ready in eco-friendly paper
      • We can only ship plants within the US! 

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