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Tips to Make your Cactus, Succulents and Plants Bloom
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Blooming cacti: 4 Easy Steps to get your Cacti and Succulents to Flower

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Fun Fact: Cacti and succulents are flowering plants so that means every kind is capable of blooming! 

Whether you are wondering why your cactus is not blooming or you may have seen your plant bloom and want it to keep happening, we have some ways to help.  

Contrary to popular belief, cacti do not need to be old to bloom. As you can see from our Instagram, where we post photos of our cacti in bloom, even the tiny baby cacti and succulents that we grow bloom frequently. 

Here is how you can help your cacti and succulents bloom:

In their natural environment, cacti and succulents are used to intense sunlight and little water in winter and then they bloom in Spring and Summer so let’s work on recreating that environment in these 4 steps:

1. Light:

You want to put your cacti in bright indirect light, preferably close to a window or in a window sill so that it can get at least 4-6 hours (or more) of sunlight. Cacti especially love bright morning sunlight. Just make sure that the plant is not getting hit with direct sun or it could get burnt.

2. Water:

Most cacti and succulent owners either under or over water their cacti and succulents. Our plants come with the correct high drainage soil and planters made for their needs and proper drainage and tested instructions with specific amounts of water for each plant depending on its size.

PRO TIP: Reducing water in winter helps your cacti and succulents to bloom more in Spring. Our plant care instructions tell you exactly how much to reduce winter watering to set you up for Spring success

3. Temperature:

Make sure you are putting your cacti somewhere that has consistent temperatures. This means keeping your cacti out of the way of your heating and AC vents and cold drafts in the winter. Cacti like to be warm in Spring and Summer.

4. Stability/Consistency:

Cacti like to be left alone during cold months with little to no water. In Spring and Summer, they love to have lots of sun, the right amount of water (they do best with once a month watering indoors), the right soil and an absorbent and breathable planter

It is important to know that not all indoor cacti bloom. Our small paddled cacti have never been seen blooming. Cacti like Olivia and Ferdinand are opuntias and they tend to bloom when the paddles are very large and they are planted in the desert.

PLANT KILLER HACK: Find cacti and succulents that are known to be frequent bloomers! All of the frequent bloomers in our shop can be found here so you can easily find them! 

Here are some of our frequently blooming cacti from the shop!

4 Steps to Get your Cactus and Succulent to Bloom

Once your cactus has bloomed, it is normal for it to flower from 24 hours to 2 weeks depending on the plant. When the bloom starts to wither, no worries, just gently remove it and get ready for its next bloom!

Tag us in your cactus bloom photos on Instagram @tierrasolstudio!

​xo, Seana