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How to Update Your Space with Easy to Take Care of Plants

Snake Plants: Instantly refresh your bedroom with easy to take care of plants


Our vote for best bedroom plant EVER is the Snake Plant!

We went through a bit of a home project phase in 2020, like so many people did. When we started fixing up our bedroom, we chose Snake Plants as the way to refresh our space. Snake Plants are one of the absolute easiest plants to take care of and they can actually take care of us!

Some of our favorite features include:

  • No light needed! This means no matter your light situation in your room, these are great plants to add in
  • They need very little water - you only have to water them every couple of months
  • Snake Plants filter out toxins in the home and are NASA certified clean air plants (1. Who doesn’t love clean air? 2. How cool is it that these plants are NASA certified?)
  • They release oxygen at night, unlike most plants that release oxygen during the day. Our favorite place to put snake plants is our bedside table for that little oxygen boost at night

Fun Facts:

  • Snake Plants are actually succulents, not house plants like most people think!
  • Snake Plants are native to West Africa (ranging from Nigeria to the Congo)
  • Sansevieria Rifasciata yields a strong fiber which was once used to make bowstrings
  • The Snake Plants we grow in our greenhouse are called Bird’s Nest Sansevieria, also known as Dwarf Sansevieria that grow in a smaller rosette shape rather than the well known ridged, upright look
  • Other well known nicknames include Saint George’s Sword and Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Our Top Snake Plant Care Tips:

  • Be sure to use succulent soil to avoid holding too much water to the roots. We’ve developed our own soil, specific to cactus and succulent needs. Find it here.
  • These guys are very sensitive to overwatering and show this through drooping leaves, the opposite of most plants
  • Watch out for wrinkled leaves - this means the plant is a little thirsty.
  • If you haven’t watered a Snake Plant in a while and are worried that they need some extra water, SLOWLY introduce more water. Giving a Snake Plant lots of water at one time can put it into shock.