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Fall and Winter Plant Care Tips
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Our Fall Plant Care Breakdown

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We see plant care as people care too. We love plants. Caring for plants has scientifically been proven to make us feel happier, more fulfilled, and healthier. Just like the weather, sunlight, and temperature in a plant's natural environment fluctuate throughout the year, so should your indoor plant care to mirror those changes!  

C H A N G I N G   P L A N T    C A R E    I N    F A L L

Fall is a transitional season and can be kind of all over the place depending on where you live. It’s important to pay attention to your environment and change your plant care accordingly so your plants can be healthy through winter. As the days are shortening and the temperature is falling, Fall is the time to start preparing our plants so they are ready for their dormant season throughout the winter. 

F A L L   P L A N T    C A R E    S T E P S   +    T I P S

  • One of the most important ways to make sure your plant remains healthy is slowly reducing water to your plants as soon as temperatures start to cool and sunlight decreases. Less heat and sunlight means less evaporation of water so they don’t need as much. 
  • Watch for signs from your plant- pay attention to What Your Plants are Trying to Tell You
  • As sunlight changes this season, be sure to move your plants so they are still getting ample indirect sunlight. Think of a warm spot in your home where they can get some more sun as sunlight hours wane.
  • Clean windows to allow maximum light transmission
  • Wash dust off plants so leaves can make maximum use of available light
  • Avoid placing plants near heat sources and the coldest areas in your home

C A C T I   +   S U C C U L E N T S   F A L L    C A R E   

  • You’ll want to start slowly reducing the amount of water you give your plants so that by the time full winter weather hits, you are watering it with a quarter of the water you would use in summer or holding off on watering completely.

H O U S E P L A N T S    F A L L   C A R E 

  • Start to reduce water so by Winter, you are watering with half or less than half the amount of water you would use in summer. 
  • Watch for signs of overwatering (like yellow leaves) or underwatering (limpness). If you think that your plant needs more water, be careful not to overcompensate and give it too much.

Tell us all about how your transitional Fall care is going at care@tierrasolstudio or on instagram @tierrasolstudio