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Child Hand Holding a Mini Fernando in a Mini Terra-Cotta Planter
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The Tiny Botanist: Kid Friendly Plants

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We truly believe that plants are for everyone, even the tiniest humans, but some plants are easier to start kids off with than others - we are partial to cacti and succulents because they don’t need as much water or attention as other plants. 

Below we have broken down our kid friendly plants into two categories 

Find Our Kid Friendly Plant Kits Here

Plants Aren't Prickly at all for Kids

 Introducing kids to plants isn’t just a fun activity for the family and a way to keep the kids busy, it can be a great hands-on learning experience, teaches responsibility and helps kids develop new skills and knowledge. Kids love plants and caring for plants has scientifically shown to help people feel happier and more fulfilled. 

Plants that aren't too prickly for Kids


 For the Advanced Plant Kiddo:

Houseplants that Kids Can Take Care Of
As kids get older and are ready to explore more about plants, we suggest exploring the world of houseplants 
The advanced kiddos can also take on fun experiments like propagation to really teach the plant growing process. Check out our blog about How to Propagate Cacti and Other Succulents to help you and your Tiny Botanist. 
Plant Projects for Kids


Our favorite part of taking care of plants with kids is watching their curiosity and understanding grow!