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8 Tips and Tricks to Build Great Plant Care Habits
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8 Tips and Tricks to Build Great Plant Care Habits

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One of the biggest hurdles to reforming ourselves as Plant Killers is creating the new habit of good plant care. When it comes down to it, plant care can be very simple. 

We’ve broken down some of the best plant care practices: 

  • Checking to see that your plants are getting the correct amount of water, light, and proper temperatures
  • Watering on time and only when needed (found in our care instructions).
  • Ensuring plants have the correct amount of light (found in our care instructions).
  • Watching for any changes in your plant
  • Setting plants in proper temperature away from AC and heating vents
  • Removing dead or damaged leaves from houseplants
  • Dusting plants
  • Replanting in fresh soil every 1-2 years

You can find more details on the best plant care practices on the rest of our blog.

If you’re thinking it’s too daunting of a task to fight your Plant Killer nature, or you just aren’t sure you have it in you to put one more thing on your to do list, you aren’t alone! Seeing a list of best practices and actually developing those practices are two very different things. 

The 8 tips and tricks below have helped us build good plant care habits and make it easier for us to apply the best plant care practices. Now we have a flourishing plant collection with plans to keep expanding and never stop! 

Tips and Tricks for developing great plant care habits

1. Start small

If you’re a self proclaimed Plant Killer, starting with a handful of plants rather than all the plants you can fit on your shelves will help build confidence, knowledge, and it will be easier to build the habit of good plant care.

2. Know your plants needs

Half the battle is figuring out what exactly your plant needs and the best way to take care of each plant, but don’t worry we’ve done all the work for you! Each of our plant kits have tested and specific care instructions and come with planters, soil and sand that are made for the needs of the plant. You don’t have to do any of the work to figure out your plant's needs - we spent years researching and are happy to share that info.

Check out our plant kits that include specific plant care instructions

3. Experiment!

A big part of building your own plant collection and learning the skills to take care of your plants well is experimentation. We encourage you to be willing to try things out and watch for signs your plant is trying to tell you that its care may need adjusting. you have to be prepared to lose some plants. It is all a part of learning! 

4. Add your plant care routine to a habit you already do each week

If our team isn’t talking about plants, we’re talking about coffee. On Sunday mornings Annsley, our studio manager, makes sure to check in on all of her plants with a cup of coffee in hand: “After I brew my favorite coffee blend, I walk around and check on each plant, making sure to check for anything that looks out of the ordinary, and to water according to that plant's needs. I’m never going to miss my Sunday morning coffee and this way I won’t miss checking in on my plants either!”

5. Use some tech

We’re all about getting off of technology and getting into greenery but tech is all around us these days, so why not use it to our advantage? Use a calendar reminder or our favorite is to tell Siri, “Remind me to water my cacti and succulents the first Sunday of every month”. You can divide other plant tasks weekly so you’ll never forget! 

6. Flow with the seasonal changes

As the seasons change and it gets hotter or colder, it’s super important to reassess your plant care each season for the changing needs of your plants. The amount of water and sunlight your plant needs won’t be the same in the dead of winter and the hottest day of the summer. 


While you’re taking care of your plants, take care of yourself too by putting on some of your favorite songs! One of our favorite ways to make plant care a little extra fun is to have a dance party with all our plant friends! Two proven ways to make you happier? Taking care of plants and dancing!

8. Reward yourself

All new habits need positive reinforcements and what better way to reinforce good plant care habits than with new plants?!? Our team is always adding to our own collections and can help you celebrate leaving the Plant Killer life behind you. 

Find our new plants at the top of the “Shop All” page

Even the most notorious Plant Killer will be able to build the best plant care practices with these tips and tricks on how to build habits. It’s only a matter of time until you are calling yourself a Plant Killer no more! 

Having really good plant care habits is much easier with our plant kits. We only grow the hardiest plants available. Each of our plants come with a handmade planter designed for the plant's exact needs and size. We’ve done a lot of experimenting for you by testing our plants for at least a year before we release them. Our instructions come with the information we’ve gathered so you know exactly how much and how often to water, optimal sunlight levels and how to handle seasonal changes. 

Start building your good plant care habits with our plant kits