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Woman holding seven hardy plants making her happy
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3 ways that plants help us feel better

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Our top ways to make us feel better? A fresh latte in some sunshine, cooking our favorite comfort foods, and surrounding ourselves with our plant babies. Those great feelings we get from spending time with our plants are not all in our heads or just some creative outlet. Science shows that plants actually help to make us happier and healthier. We always try to remind ourselves how important spending time in nature and around plants is for our mental and physical well-being too. 

Plants are scientifically proven to make us happy and healthy in three major ways:

1. Humans need nature. This is known as “biophilia” a term created by social psychologist Erich Fromm in the 1960s that describes our biologically-inherited need to commune with nature. According to research done at University of Illinois, we now spend an average of 90% of our time living and working inside. That’s some serious hindrance to that biophilia aspect of being a human. Adding plants to your living space (and now for most of us, working space) can help to bridge that gap, bringing us closer to nature.  

2. We’ve seen study after study that show the positive effect plants have on mental health and from personal experience, we can say it’s true! Plants can help improve your perception of the space you are in as well as make you feel more relaxed, calm, happier, more fulfilled and can help with loneliness and depression. Caring for a living thing gives us a purpose and is rewarding - especially when you see that living thing bloom and thrive. Plants also help increase attentiveness and productivity, improve focus during work and can help you feel more satisfied with your job. All around, plants seem to put us in a better head space when it comes to every aspect of life. 

3. Studies also show that plants can have a great impact on your physical health as well! According to NASA, many plants purify the air (you can find us taking deep breaths next to our plant collection every day). Other studies even show that people who have plants around them sleep better, have lower blood pressure, can heal faster and experience less anxiety during recovery from surgery than people who do not. Not only that, but incorporating plants into your life can improve focus and reaction times!

Whether or not you are able to get out in nature, having plants in your home can help you to feel better, it’s a fact! Be sure to show this info to the person who keeps saying you have no more room for plants so you can turn around and add to your collection.

We have been working on spending time in nature to reset and are trying to go for one outdoor walk a day. Focusing on breathing deeply often, reminding our bodies to let go of tension, filling our house with plants, and making them the focus of our home has really made it feel like a calm and happy place for us. 

Because plants make us so happy and healthy, it is really important to us to grow the hardiest plants in our greenhouse, to design and hand-make planters that are the correct size for the plant and replicate its natural environment as closely as possible, mix soils just for the needs of the plant, and to set them up with specific tested and easy instructions. We know that plants make us happy and healthy so our number one goal is to make it easier for you to keep plants alive so they can continue to have that effect.