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8 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Plants are Healthy in Winter - Cute Cactus with a Hat on top
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Checklist: Transitioning your Plant from Fall to Winter

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Have you gone through your winter plant care routine checklist? We’ve made a quick and easy, winter care checklist for you - the easiest and fastest way to make sure your plants will thrive through colder weather. 

 W I N T E R   P L A N T   C A R E   C H E C K L I S T

download the pdf to check off as you go!


  • Houseplants: reduce watering by half or more unless you see signs of your plants being thirsty. (Find out what signals your plant is giving you on our blog “What you plant is trying to tell you")
  • Cacti + Succulents: reduce water or hold off on watering until warmer months (we know this is hard to do but it’s best for the plant as it goes dormant!)
  • Use water that is not freezing cold from the tap. Room temp will help to not shock roots!


  • If your plants are near a cold draft or heat source, move it to a more mild and consistent temperature location
  • Keep plants away from exterior windows if there is a cold draft
  • In cold regions, if windows frost overnight, move plants away from windows at dusk. You can also slip a heavy shade or other insulating material between plants and glass.


  • Move your plant somewhere it will get more consistent bright indirect sunlight as the hours of sunlight decrease
  • Clean windows to allow maximum light transmission
  • Wash dust off houseplants with a damp rag so it’s leaves can make maximum use of available light
Still not so sure why winter plant care is so important and why plant care changes with the season? Check out our blogs here.