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Plant Care Kit with Cactus, Handmade Planter, Soil and Sand - Everything You need to Take care of a Plant
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How to know if you have the right plants, planters, and soils!

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed about knowing which plants, planters, and soil are best together? 

When we were starting out on our plant care journey, we were overwhelmed by all of the elements that go into keeping a plant happy and healthy. We kept asking ourselves “What plant will be easy to take care of? All the soil looks the same, how do I know which one to get? This pot is really pretty, but is it going to take care of my plant? How much should I water it? How often??? The plant advice isn't working! What should we really do?” And the questions kept coming!

It felt like a lot to figure out - when we started Tierra Sol Studio, we decided we didn’t want anyone else to have to think through all of that like we did. 

That’s why we made our Plant Kits! 

What’s better than having all the elements of a project at your fingertips so you’re set up for success?


We’ve had these plant kits from the very beginning because we wanted to make things as easy as possible for fellow plant lovers. In our plant lab we've figured out exactly what needs to go into plant care to keep your plant happy and healthy. You don’t have to even think about it:

  • We’ve found the hardiest, lowest maintenance plants to take care of 
  • We acclimate our plants to low light making our plants perfect for any home environment
  • The way we fire our ceramics ensures the plants are set up in a space that best replicates their natural environment so they’ll be as happy as possible in your home
  • Our planters make it so you won’t need to re-pot your plant in a bigger planter - your plant may grow wider or taller but should not outgrow its container.
  • And we make our planters for the specific size of the plant so that they have the correct amount of soil for proper watering.
  • We hand mix small batches of soil for each plant type to keep our plants happy and thriving and we send you the perfect amount so you don’t end up having to purchase large bags and store them.
  • We have special sand that slowly releases water to the roots of the plant and prevents household pests from moving into the soil.
  • We run tests in a wide range of indoor environments to make sure they’re in the perfect planter, soil, and have the correct care instructions.
  • Our plants are easy to take care of in general but we’ve figured out specific watering amounts and plant care instructions so you don’t have to do the research yourself or kill your plants with trial and error testing!


Whether for you or a gift for a loved one, when you order a plant kit from us you will have everything you need so you will not need to look for the correct planter and soil for your plants and you’ll know they were tested for at least a year in the planters and soil they come with. 

Find all of our Plant Kits Here

All of our Plant Kits are packaged disassembled, come with fun and easy care instructions and are gift-ready in eco-friendly wrapping. Even the outside of our packages are pretty thanks to our custom packing tape from Sticker Mule

Easy to Take Care of Plant Kits that make a Great Gift