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Cactus 101
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Cactus 101

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If there’s one thing to know about everyone at Tierra Sol Studio it’s that we LOVE cacti! Most of our greenhouses are filled with all different types of cacti and we started our journey to plant experts with cacti in our small, sad, dark grad school apartment. 

Anyone and everyone can take care of cacti but it’s always good to know the basics!

What exactly are cacti?

According to the National Wildlife Federation, cacti are a family of slow growing, frequently-flowering plants that are known for their water-storing stems and areole. The areole of cacti (what flowers, new stems and spines grow from) is what sets them apart from other plants. 

Most features of a cacti are to preserve their supply of water - everything from their waxy coating and spines to protect from animals, to their roots which will find as much water as possible, even in the driest of environments. 

Where do  they come from?

Cacti can be found all over the world but most originated in the dry, arid areas of North and South America. 

Fun fact: The cacti you typically think of are from the desert while some other cacti, like christmas cacti and dragon fruit cacti are from the jungle and have completely different care needs! 

Bonus fun fact: I am terrible at spelling so I have to remember that desert has one S and dessert has two S’s because you always want more dessert. Okay, back to what we are good at...

Are cacti hardy plants and easy to take care of? 

Cacti are some of the hardiest plants around, all you need is the right set up! The only thing cacti really can’t handle is overwatering. Some are definitely easier to take care of than others and that’s why we grow only the hardiest and easiest to take care of plants in our greenhouse.

Important fact: In nature many types of cacti can even live through several years of drought! 

They have root systems that will spread out very close to the surface in order to absorb as much rainwater as possible.

Cactus care: 

Cactus care can be extremely simple, it just comes down to the kind of setup you have for yourself. 

In our plant kits we:

  • Replicate the natural environment of each plant as closely as possible. With planters designed and hand made for each plant type.
  • We only grow the hardiest plants in greenhouses we designed to replicate indoor lighting. 
  • Send our low maintenance care instructions with specific amounts of water at specific times, monthly or weekly.
  • And we include our own soil mixed for the needs of each plant type.

Over years of research and experimentation, we’ve figured out exactly how to keep the plants we grow happy and healthy. 

To see how easy we make it, check out our plant kits!

Who are cacti great for?

Cacti can work for anyone, in any home situation (even the darkest of apartments)!

Beyond that, they are great for people who want plants but don’t want to put in a lot of work, serial underwaterers, and beginners!

If you are looking to start your cacti parent journey but want some help figuring out which plant is the perfect fit for you, shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you find a plant!