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How drainage holes can lead to overwatering your plants
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How drainage holes can lead to overwatering your plants

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We have heard people say that all planters need drainage holes, but think about this…

Many plants prefer to be under-watered rather than overwatered. Cacti and succulents are desert plants that require and prefer little water.

If a plant is watered so much that water is coming out of the bottom of a drainage hole - that means the soil is more than fully saturated and for many plants this means - they have been overwatered! 

Many plants do not need all the water that remains in that planter and this can quickly lead to root rot.

Back when we were plant killers, we used to have our plants in regular terra cotta pots and sealed planters with drainage holes. We realized that this was part of our problem.

A drainage hole isn’t the silver bullet to common watering problems. Plant care knowledge is - and we can help with that. 

After lots of research and many many experiments, we figured out that planters need to be:

  • made of the correct material
  • the right size for your plant
  • and you need to know how much water your plant needs in that planter

If you are using a standard terracotta planter with a drainage hole, make sure it is not too large for your plant so that it does not hold too much water. You also need to know how your plant prefers its soil whether wet, moist, or dry in between waterings, or long periods of dry soil.

We brought all of these elements together for the plants we grow to make it easier for people who want beautiful plants without all the research, time, and plants lost while experimenting. 

We developed a unique firing technique that is more breathable than terracotta and just as absorbent so that oxygen can reach the roots and extra water can evaporate away. Since we provide the specific tested amount of water our planters do not need drainage for overwatering. They hold the exact amount of water they need, releasing any extra through the wall of the planter and through evaporation. Our plants are matched to planters based on size and have a specific (and tested) soil mix to planter ratio, meaning your plant will not be over or under watered.

If you don’t have the time to find the right hardy plant, breathable planter, soil, and care, including specific watering amounts, our plant kits are the easiest way to have everything you need and exact care instructions for happy and healthy plants!