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Unbiased plant tool review: Plant dusting gloves
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Unbiased plant tool review: Plant dusting gloves

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Like me, I'm sure you have seen all kinds of plant tools all over the internet that promise to be magical. all over the internet. 

And I am sure you have seen wild plant hacks all over the internet too…

Nothing would surprise me at this point… there is *probably* one about using your dirty sock water to water your plants…

So I decided I would start to review these plant tools and hacks so you don’t have to wonder if they work or test weird contradicting advice from people in your facebook plant group.

It is a fun way for us to explore plant care when our whole purpose is doing things differently; testing and experimenting to create the best possible environments for plants to thrive. 

In keeping with our way of doing everything differently, we will not be reviewing plant tools through paid partnerships. 

We will not profit from any of these reviews. 

**No affiliate links, no kickbacks, nothing.**

We will be testing some products that we purchase just for this series, for ourselves, or sometimes products that people offer to send to us - who agree to have their products reviewed without bias.

The problem: Dusting Plants

So first up is: Plant Dusting Gloves!

I purchased these to attempt to solve the problem I was having with dusting our plants using a variety of standard rags.

What we were using - 

Standard terry cloth rags:

Pros: They are inexpensive, durable, more eco friendly than paper towels or disposable rags.

Cons: They are heavy which can snap delicate leaves like monsteras. They are also bulky so it is more difficult to see where you are wiping. There is a lot of material for tiny leaves. These rags need to be damp to capture dust well and not kick up into the air so usually water ends up dripping around the place.

Microfiber cloths:

Pros: Microfiber cloths are light so they do less damage to leaves than standard terry cloth rags..

Cons: Most microfiber cloths don’t capture the dust dry (and they barely hold any dampness) so the dust ends up back in the air which is problematic for obvious reasons like breathing it in and ending up settling on surfaces and the plants again.

The product review: Microfiber dusting gloves

I decided to test some plant dusting gloves so that I could try to solve these issues I was having. 

I wanted to be able to delicately clean the leaves of my plants, especially my giant Monstera deliciosa, without snapping them or not being able to see where fenestrations are on the leaves (i.e. the splits and holes that occur in many monstera leaves). 

The experience

I was actually very surprised at how well these gloves work. 


  • Most important - The microfibers are fluffy and almost hairy so they trap dust completely


They do not need to be wet or damp in order to trap the dust.

I have a pretty bad dust allergy and typically need an inhaler after dusting. I did not even feel like I had been dusting with these and I could see far more dust on the gloves than I saw on the plants.

  • The gloves let me dust my plant delicately while being able to see everything I was doing. I didn’t break a single leaf or tear a delicate connection between monstera leaf splits.

  • I was able to clean the back of the large monstera leaves at the same time as the front. 

  • It is also a lot easier to clean the stems of the plant.

  • With one pair of gloves, I was able to clean my giant monstera that is about 4 x 4 feet tall with very large and dense leaves.

  • Very light and stretchy so they fit a variety of hand sizes

  • They hold up very well after being washed many times

  • BONUS: The gloves polished the leaves to make them shiny without using any kind of additional product. 

Not bottled, or worse, aerosol leaf cleaner.

(I’m not kidding. This is a real thing lots of nurseries sell, use, and have offered us. Hard pass.)

Not even water was needed to make those leaves shine. 


  • I would say the only con is there are only two pairs of gloves - I tend to have more rags to go through.

Since it is not a good idea to use the same rag on multiple plants (in case one has a pest) I would prefer to have 1-2 single gloves per plant so I could dust them all at once. 

For now I will use the 2 pairs of gloves to rotate which plants I dust every week.

Since we have so many plants, I will probably end up buying another 2 pairs or so for 8.99 so I can dust many of our plants in between washing them.

The rating on a scale of 1-5

These plant dusting gloves really went beyond my expectations and left our plants shiny without the use of water or any other products. 

I am rating them 5/5

Let us know what you think of this Plant Tool Review and if you’ll be trying these plant gloves!

xo, Seana