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Hot take: Most succulents are *not* hard-to-kill
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Hot take: Most succulents are *not* hard-to-kill

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Have you heard “succulents are super easy to keep alive”? And then you try your hand at them and you’re just sitting there like “easy for who?!”

We have found over the years of research and testing that most plants are easy to care for when they are set up in a way that replicates their natural environment.

Well here’s the insider knowledge…

There are some succulents that are hardy and easy to care for no matter what their environment - mainly haworthia and gasterias and many cacti varieties. 

But most easily accessible succulents (the ones at the home improvement stores like echeverias, Graptopetalum, etc) only thrive when they’re in a very dry and sunny environment, making many of them difficult to care for in most homes with normal to high humidity levels. 

Echeverias and Graptopetelum at home improvement stores

Succulents are native to deserts and are used to being in very dry environments. Translated into an indoor setting, if they are in the wrong soil and planters or receive the wrong amount of water and sun, succulents can look sad or be killed quickly.

Since we grow each of our plants from tiny babies, it is really important to us that they go to their forever homes set up to thrive. 

This is why we:

- and -

  • Design and hand make planters that are absorbent and breathable
  • Mix gritty soil with the highest quality ingredients (no perlite or bark) that stays fluffy for proper drainage and oxygen to reach roots
  • All to replicate the desert environment of these plants as closely as possible
  • And test them with specific care instructions in our set up to make sure they thrive - even in high humidity indoor environments

As a matter of fact, the succulents we grow for the shop now were the plants that survived my trips to Brazil during grad school and the three months of complete neglect while I was pregnant and could barely leave my bed from nausea during my first trimester.

I always joke that we only grow succulents you could fling across your yard and come back to in 6 months.

Those experiences really helped me decide to only grow a select amount of the hardiest succulents that need minimal maintenance and are well suited for indoor life.

These plants include zebra plants, aka haworthia zebrina like :

Felix Succulent
Carmelo Aloe
Paula Succulent
 Millie Succulent

Through other (more official) tests we learned that these succulents are great for:

  • people who have a tendency to underwater
  • frequent travelers
  • people who don’t want to worry about their plants or put in a lot of work when it comes to plant care
  • beginners that are just learning about plants
  • and plant pros who want a variety of textures in their collections!

Find all of our hardy plants here!

Xo, Seana