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Durham, NC


Houseplants in handmade planters with plant support stakes trellis
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3 Ways Plants Help Beat the Winter Blues!

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Things we love about Winter…


A house full of plants with our indoor plants squeezed in with our porch plants.

Cocooning in my hot electric blanky until I feel like it's a tropical Summer.

Finding fewer reasons to leave the house? Unless you’re going to Brazil where it's Summer during our Winter…

……those count, right?


 We love making 

  • My Mema’s banana bread (I’ve never tried one I like better)
  • Pumpkin pancakes with maple whipped cream and toasted pepitas on top!
  • ….AHHH and if you realllllly know us (now you do because I’m telling you this), you will know we are OBSESSED with panettone (pan-ne-tone-aye). 

HAVE YOU TRIED PANETTONE?!? It's a traditional Italian sweet bread and it can only be found here in Winter.

I honestly just went from being sad about Winter coming to really excited to eat all those things…just by making this list while writing to you. 

I didn't know where that was going to go exactly but I feel better now. 😅

Some people love winter…but for many others it can be pretty difficult. 🙋


There’s a lot that happens in winter that we might not think about affecting us or others:

  • People with chronic pain experience exacerbation due to the cold weather
  • Loneliness from being away from family or remembering lost loved ones
  • 5% (but probably so many more unreported) of adults in the U.S experience Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Less sunlight and more time inside can affect our energy levels and make us feel isolated

But what makes us happiest in Winter is having all our plants in happy colorful planters around us… 

And with good reason!


Plants have been proven to help with the Winter blues… (and all of the rest of the blues)


Having beautiful greenery indoors through the winter months helps us…

1. Fulfill our need to be surrounded by nature, indoors, even when it’s gray and dreary so we don’t want to be outside!

2. Improve mental health through the natural reward of seeing something we care for bloom and thrive. - you know we do a little happy dance whenever a new leaf shows up unexpectedly in the middle of winter!

Feel more relaxed, calm and happy, fighting off feelings of stress, loneliness, seasonal affective disorder, and depression with plants around. They can also help you be more productive (if that’s what you’re going for).

3. And improve physical health! 

Sleep better, lower blood pressure, heal faster, breathe in cleaner air - great all year round but especially while inside all the time. And, according to a NASA study, some plants purify the air!


And just in case you are worried about the times when you feel down or overwhelmed and you cannot seem to get up to water your plants…


We grow all of our plants and create their setups with the most hardy plants and lowest possible maintenance in mind—so you, or your loved one, can take a break and not worry about your plants.


And don't forget to make some proactive therapy appointments if needed! 

Here is to being surrounded by happy plants this Winter and sending some plants to loved ones who need some extra love!


Here are our Winter Blue planters!

Marble Queen Pothos in Iguazu Planter
Heartleaf Philodendron in Na'Agua Blue Planer
Marble Queen in Costazul

These planters were handmade by us, designed to meet the needs of each plant. And all the plants we grow are always very hardy and low maintenance! 

It's been a long time since we have had any blue in our planters, but we thought Winter would be the perfect time to add some in! 


They’re a great reminder to care for your health in Winter!

xo, Seana