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Durham, NC

Durham, NC


This is how we used plants and dried florals to transform our favorite space for Fall!
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This is how we used plants and dried florals to transform our favorite space for Fall!

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I'm not usually a big Fall person, but this year I am trying to enjoy every minute of it...

Especially since our five-year-old, Oliver is OBSESSED with holidays. I'm pretty sure we have gone to nearly every pumpkin patch in NC.

It was while walking around one pumpkin patch that we found the weird PINK PUMPKIN that Yair HAD to have.

I'm not usually big on traditions, but this pink pumpkin made me think about how we can do Fall in a non-traditional way. 

I mean remember how we both grew up in the tropics where it's always Summer? For us, Fall was just a tearful goodbye to Summer...before we stopped leaving the house until it was warm again.

Woman in full pink puffy coat with text: me leaving my house in winter


This week I did a refresh of our favorite space to embrace Fall. I added some dried florals and leaves I kept from plants that I had to our propagation vessels and floral tiles on our mantel.

What says fall more than dead leaves, am I right? (Lol I AM loving FallI, I steps)

These are things we keep in mind (tips and tricks) for using plants to change up your space! 

 Our living room - how we used plants and dried florals to transform our favorite space for Fall!


 1. No matter the time of year, I know one thing is for certain: THE                 GREENERY STAYS. 

Plants keep a space fresh and are good for our mental and physical health (from sciencey findings) - that's why we always keep them around. 

Green plants make people happy and make our spaces more enjoyable. 

Is there anything better than feeling comfortable, happy, and healthy in your home?


 2. Color Scheme 

Which colors make you happiest in Fall? 

A mix of colors that make you feel good will do the trick!

Or… you can go the less is more route with monochrome (for example, green on green) or dual tone (kind of like I did with the main colors being terracotta and pink!

You can gather up things you have that are those colors and if it needs some extra fun, you can add to the look with some of our minimal propagation vessels, plant support stakes, or floral tiles that have optional dried palms and flowers. 


 3. Play with texture

When I think about texture for Fall I think of the texture of different plants like mixing it up with houseplants, cacti, and dried florals. 

I also think about the textures of the planters with some planters being smooth, having clean lines and mixing that with planters that have texture like ridges, lines added on (like our lines planter) etc. 

I don’t want all of the same types of plants grouped together because that can become boring to the eye - you’ll see that I have my Monsteras on opposite ends of the room!


 4. Plant Height

Similar to texture, I don’t want to put plants with the same height together. I love having plants that have different heights staggered near each other. 

One of my favorite ways to make sure there is differentiation is by using plant stands or simply turning planters over and stacking them on top of each other. 

You can see examples of both of these in the photos. (Protip: This also helps keep pets away)


 5. If all else fails or you don't have the energy this year...go find a weird pumpkin you like and add it to the room! 

That strange bubbly pink pumpkin pictured really gave us some inspiration!



xo, Seana 

p.s. We love seeing your plant collections!

Show us what you set up for Fall - We really do want to see!