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Summer Plant Care, Tips + Tricks
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16 Summer Plant Care Tips for Thriving Plants!

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Summer means one thing - your plants (and you) probably need more water!

Plant care changes with changes in the season. Just like the weather, sunlight, and temperature in a plant's natural environment fluctuate throughout the year, your indoor plant care should also shift in consideration of those changes.

This is why our instructions come with warm + cold weather watering suggestions.

And this is why we love to send out seasonal emails to our Plant Killer Club email list so you can take care of your plants exactly like we do! 

Here is exactly what we think about while transitioning  our plants from Spring to Summer! 



1. As the days get longer and hotter, plants will receive more sun and water will evaporate easier so increasing watering can help them thrive.


2. As always, make sure to transition your plants to more water gradually.


3. Check the light situation - plants can be burned by bright direct sunlight through windows so be sure they are in a less damaging spot but still getting lots of indirect sunlight. 

If you need some help knowing what kind of light is best for your plants, check out our blog “How to *actually* understand types of indoor light.


4. Make sure your plants are not in an AC draft.


5. Check on them often! In Winter, we suggest ignoring your plants a little since they go into dormancy. During summer, check in on your plants and pay attention to “What Your Plants are Trying to Tell You


6. While summer is the time of year your plants need the most amount of water, be sure not to waterlog your plants. It’s important to know if your plant wants damp soil consistently, if you should wait for the soil to dry in between watering, or if your plant likes to be dry for long periods of time, like cacti and succulents.

7. Check in with the plant care cards we send with each of our plants that include amounts of water, timing, and seasonal care changes!


8. If you forget to water your plant or maybe it is looking a little thirsty, learn what to do when you forget to water your plants


9. If you are planning to travel during the summer, make sure you know what to do with your plants when you travel


10. It can be hard to know how much water is the right amount for cacti and succulents during the Summer when we are factoring in different plants, different pots, different pot sizes, soils, etc. Since we know which plant, planter, soil, and sand we provide in our shop, we are able to provide specific watering instructions. Be sure to reference our specific watering instructions that each of our plant kits come with for water amount by season and frequency. 


11. ALWAYS water into the sand or soil around the plant not directly on the plant, this reduces leaf rot when water cannot fully evaporate indoors and prevents pests seeking out your plant as a good water source.


12. During the hottest time of the year, we suggest moistening houseplant soil evenly about once per week indoors. In our planters this is about 1 cup. 


13. Remember to wipe the leaves of your houseplant with a damp cloth or dusting gloves every so often to keep them healthy, dust-free, and pest-free. 

You should switch rags in between plants if you see any signs of pests or want to be extra careful.


14. Watch for signs of overwatering (yellow leaves) and signs of thirst (limpness in houseplants or wrinkles in cacti and succulents). 

All of our houseplants are super hardy so a little over or under-watering will not be a problem, just be careful not to overcompensate. 

It is normal for houseplants to lose a few leaves at a time. If many leaves are turning brown or yellow these are signs of watering issues.


15. Ask Siri to set a reminder to check out our Fall Plant Care Blog at the start of September so you don't miss how to transition your plant to Fall weather!


16. Even better, sign up for the Plant Killer Club emails to get plant care tips and be notified when it is time to transition your plants each season!


How are your plants doing in the Summer heat? Let us know at by email at

Annsley and I are happy to help with any of your plant questions!

xo, Seana