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It's Spring: the most important season for plants
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It's Spring: the most important season for plants

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This week starts my favorite time of the year, because Spring means warmer weather and getting to do a lot more with my plants - both our personal collection - but also the ones in the greenhouses we grow for you.

I always have a checklist in my head about different factors to take into account with Spring plant care so I just wanted to remind you…

*As the weather, sunlight, and temperature change throughout the year, your plant will have different needs.*

So here is a list of things to think about in Spring because: 

The care you give your plant babies in Spring will set them up to be healthy for the rest of the year!

But don’t let the changes intimidate you! We are here to help. 

And if you have our plant kits, each comes with specific instructions for when and how much water to give them each week or month depending on warm or cold weather. We are able to do that since we have tested our plants in the planters we make for their needs and soils we mix for them.


  • Just like humans, when plants are in the sun more often, they are thirstier! Spring is the time to slowly introduce more water to your plants to ensure they are hydrated. If you have our plants, this is the time to slowly increase the amount of water suggested during colder months so that by the hottest point of the year (wherever you are) you are giving them the suggested amount of water during warmer months. 

  • Plants talk to us to tell us what their needs are - see if your plant is trying to tell you something important by reading our article about what your plant is trying to tell you and look back at your plant care cards if you have one of our plant kits.


  • We suggest a yearly soil refresh to make sure your plants are in soil that will support them best. Spring is the best time of the year for repotting. You can do this now or when it is starting to get warm where you are. If you need fresh soil, you can find our small batch soils and special sand for your yearly refresh by clicking *here*

  • As the days grow longer and the sunlight grows stronger, plants might need to be moved away from windows to make sure they do not get too much sunlight. Direct sunlight is always too much for any indoor plant. Types of indoor light can be tricky so we made a guide so you won’t have to question it anymore!

  • Always be sure your plants aren’t in an AC draft, near a running heat vent, or getting a cold draft from a window or door.

  • Ask for help! If you aren’t sure exactly how to treat your plant - shoot us an email at and we’ll help you out!



  • Make sure to prune your houseplants at the start of Spring so they can focus on growing their healthiest leaves. Simply use a pair of clean scissors to remove any dying or damaged leaves.   

We hope this gives you some fun activities for spending time with your plants since we know it makes you feel good to care for them! 

Send us an email at if you have anything to add or if you have questions!